The objective of the HEIMDALL newsletters is to advertise the main achievements and the latest news related to the HEIDALL project activity on a periodic basis. The audience of such newsletters is obviously not limited to the HEIMDALL consortium itself, but extended to all projects in close cooperation with HEIMDALL and in general to any individuals and institutions working and operating in the context of crisis management.

The newsletters will be issued after the first release (Release A) demonstration, in order to report about the result of the demo and the overall status of the project. Afterwards, the newsletter will be issued roughly any three months, in order to provide the interested readers with timely and updated information about the status of the project.

Newsletter can be accessed directly from this page or by subscribing to the HEIMDALL newsletter distribution service (check the right hand side of any page of the HEIMDALL website):

Newsletter #1 – January 2019: HEIMDALL Overview