Public Deliverables

This section provides all the HEIMDALL published deliverables.

D1.1 Project Handbook

Date of publishing: June 30, 2017

This deliverable describes the HEIMDALL project management and quality assurance procedures (Quality Plan) to be followed throughout the project.

D1.2 Project Website and Collaborative Platform Description

Date of publishing: July 31, 2017

Description of the project website used for the dissemination of project’s results and of the e-platform allowing the effective collaboration of consortium partners.

D2.11 Service Concept Specification

Date of publishing: March 2, 2018

It describes the HEIMDALL service concept relevant actors and the possible use cases. 

D2.12 HEIMDALL System Architecture

Date of publishing: April 12, 2018

This document provides the HEIMDALL system architecture. It is the companion deliverable to D2.11 – Service Concept Specification and defines the system architecture that is necessary to provide the services and products of HEIMDALL

D2.6 HEIMDALL Requirements Report – Issue 1

Date of publishing: November 9, 2017

Documents the first version of the user and system requirements.

D3.1 Case studies – Issue 1

Date of publishing: December 22, 2017

Description of relevant study cases in Forest Fires, Landslide, Floods and Flash-floods hazards, focused in crossborder scenario, in a multi-disciplinary event, “request for assistance” situations, inter-organisational cooperation and population awareness.

D3.11 Analysis of Societal Acceptance and Ethical Acceptability – Issue 1

Date of publishing: November 30, 2017

Thorough analysis of societal acceptance and ethical acceptability including empirical research with key stakeholders and the general public.

D3.4 HEIMDALL Demonstrations – Issue 1

Date of publishing: November 29, 2017

It includes (1) Compilation of organisational documents and actions required to carry out Demonstrations on HEIMDALL Services and Products, (2) compilation of lessons learnt converted into Experiences to feed Scenario Management in T6.5 and (3) Description and synthesis of lessons learnt and feedback from end users and relate them to recommendations and conclusions for other WPs. First Issue will include a definition of a strategy to compile the lessons learnt.

D3.8 Analysis of Human Factor Involvement in the use of Autonomous Systems in DRR and Response and Specifications for User Requirements – Issue 1

Date of publishing: December 14, 2017

Thorough analysis of human factors including empirical research with key stakeholders and input to the project requirements in the form of a list of points to consider in the development of the project.

D6.14 Scenario Specification, Scenario Management Specification and Scenario and Situation Metrics – Draft

Date of publishing: May 3, 2018

This document presents the scenario definitions and data model elaborated in close collaboration with all end-user and technical partners in the HEIMDALL project.