List of main dissemination events the HEIMDALL consortium took part to with presentations or talks.


The HEIMDALL consortium in cooperation with other EU-funded projects developed a series of webinars to give some highlights about the main concepts worked out in the course of the project. Typical audience of these webinars are the projects members and end-users involved in disaster management activities.

Conference and Workshops

CTTC Weekly Seminars, March 15, 2018, Barcelona (Spain)

Date of publishing: March 16, 2018

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The talk ” HEIMDALL Concept presentation” was given during the seminar.


Date of publishing: February 19, 2018

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The presentation ” MEGA-FIRES IN EUROPE: New emerging Issues” was given during the workshop.

Net Risk Work Workshop: 2nd Natural Hazards Risk management Workshop, April 10-13, 2018, Cagliari (Italy)

Date of publishing: April 16, 2018

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The talk ” Enhancing emergency management and response to weather and climate events in Northern Europe ” was given during the conference.

Assessing risk and Reducing Disaster: The case of wildfires, storms, floods and avalanches and their interactions, October 3-6, 2017, Solsona (Spain)

Date of publishing: October 6, 2017

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The talk “Developing a Fire Node in Europe” was given during the conference.

2017 Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Implementation Workshop, September 20-21, 2018, Rome

Date of publishing: September 21, 2017

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The talk “Experiences with CAP at German Aerospace Center” was given during the conference

The Fire Continuum Conference Preparing for the Future of Wildland Fire, May 21-24 2018, Missoula

Date of publishing: May 24, 2018

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Presentation given during the conference about the focus of the HEIMDALL project with respect to the future of wildland fire.


Meeting with Metropolitan College of New York, May 28, 2018, Barcelona (Spain)

Date of publishing: June 1, 2018

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The presentation ” Pau Costa Foundation: platform for exchanging knowledge on forest fire ecology and management” was given.

Dissemination meeting with Barcelona Firefighters, April 27, 2018, Barcelona (Spain)

Date of publishing: April 30, 2018

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The HEIMDALL consortium participated to the event contributing to discussion related to forest fire situation management.

Dia del Patró. Dissemination meeting in the Firefighters Day of Catalonia, May 14, 2018, Lleida (Spain)

Date of publishing: May 21, 2018

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The talk ” Aportacións del Món Operatiu a la Recerca” was given during the event.