Project Description

HEIMDALL aims at improving preparedness of societies to cope with complex crisis situations by providing a flexible platform for multi-hazard emergency planning and management, which makes use of innovative technologies for the definition of multi-disciplinary scenarios and response plans, providing integrated assets to support emergency management, such as monitoring, modelling, situation and risk assessment, decision support and communication tools. HEIMDALL fosters data and information sharing among the relevant stakeholders, maximises the accuracy of valuable information and improves population awareness.  [more]


HEIMDALL will develop and demonstrate a modular, flexible and scalable architecture that provides key stakeholders with relevant tools to process the available data and improve preparedness of societies in relation to emergency management, thus enhancing response capacity of society as a whole. [more]

Project Plan and Schedule

The HEIMDALL project is structured in eight work packages (WPs), which are interrelated. The planned activities are structured in four main areas: (i) Management, (ii) Stakeholder Engagement, Demonstrations and Societal Impact, (iii) System Engineering and (iv) Dissemination, Standardisation and Business Plan. [more]