Catalan Fire and Rescue Service, Catalan Department of Interior

Catalan Fire and Rescue Service, Home Affairs Department of Government of Catalonia.

The Catalan Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS), comprising more than 5,000 members, performs the prevention and fire fighting and rescue attributed to the Government of Catalonia and coordinates its services throughout the country except in the city of Barcelona, where there is a fire brigade own.In this work also involves personnel belonging to services for prevention and fire fighting of local administration and private companies, also volunteer fire-fighters and technical staff intended to fulfill support tasks and help.

CFRS is involved in all kinds of emergencies: structural and industries fires, chemical accidents, vegetation fires, landslides and collapse houses, traffic accidents, search and rescue in very diverse areas such as mountains, water, housing, railway infrastructure, floods, etc. While also working on prevention operations, both to minimize the risk of accidents and to be better prepared in the event.

CFRS will contribute in the project providing their expertise, will support in the identification of relevant Study Cases to achieve the compilation and analysis of lessons learnt and best practices, and will also contribute within the identification of requirements, emergency scenarios, existing procedures and methodologies in cross-borders events, multidisciplinary emergencies and “request for assistance” situations. Also CFRS will deploy a real forest fire in a controlled environment during the Final Operational Demonstration in order to use HEIMDALL platform in a cross-border and multi-hazard scenario.