CIMA Research Foundation (Centro Internazionale di Ricerca in Monitoraggio Ambientale)

CIMA Research Foundation (Centro Internazionale di Ricerca in Monitoraggio Ambientale)

The CIMA Research Foundation was founded in September 2007 as an evolution of the existing CIMA Research Inter-university Centre to preserve and enhance the knowledge, the experiences, and background of the original researchers and professors which was transferred to the current Foundation.

The Founding Institutions of the CIMA Research Foundation include the Civil Protection Department of the Italian Prime Minister Cabinet Office, the University of Genova, the Liguria Region Government, and the Savona Province Administration.

The Foundation’s mission is to develop scientific and engineering solutions and technologies for application in environmental-related fields with focus on public health and security, civil protection and preservation of terrestrial and water-related ecosystems.  This mission is accomplished through scientific research, technology transfer and high level training services with focus on the following activities:

  • To promote and develop scientific knowledge through internal research staff and by means of external consultants, Universities, Research organizations and other Research Foundations;
  • To support on research, technological development, development of institutional competences in the fields of hydrology, hydrogeology, hydraulic, atmosphere and ocean dynamics, meteorology, hydrometeorology and climatology, earth observation, evaluation and management of natural, industrial and man-made risk, evaluation of the impact of climate variability, ecosystems modelling, environmental chemical processes, environmental remediation, environmental law, complex systems dynamics;
  • To promote technology transfer of cutting-edge knowledge into state-of-the-art products and make them available for communities and institutions;
  • To promote the culture of public health and security, of civil protection, of the preservation of terrestrial and water-related ecosystems through research projects involving economic/social as well as managing and governance aspects including environmental effects on the territory with focus on water ecosystem, waste, transportation, and energy.

CIMA Foundation strongly believes in advancing in science and knowledge sharing which are carried out by performing basic and applied research which lead to scientific publications; designing and implementing prototype projects; organizing short courses, workshops, and summer schools; providing research training for doctorate and graduate students; supporting doctoral and post-doctoral research positions; establishing collaborative research and exchange programs and hosting visiting scientists.