We are a Spanish and US based Geo-IT company counting with over 20 years of experience in the engineering field providing Land Engineering and Geotechnologies consulting services, as well as innovative geospatial emergency management technologies solutions with special focus in forest fire fighting sector. Currently we provide services to Fire Agencies in Europe, US, Canada, Chile and Sardine including the British Columbia Wildfire Management branch (Canada), the CALFIRE, Georgia, Alabama, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina and Virginia Forest Services (USA) and the CONAF in Chile. Tecnosylva’s wildfire simulator product Wildfire Analyst® won the best Technological Innovation prise at the Spanish Forest Fires Symposium in 2010.

In Tecnosylva we provide advanced GIS-enabled software solutions for wildfire protection planning, operational response & firefighter and public safety.Our solutions encapsulate ourwide forestry and wildfire experience into efficient, timely and responsive software applications – on desktop, web& mobile platforms. This expertise is encapsulated in our products fiResponse®, Wildfire Analyst®, Wildfire Risk Atlas and Tactical Analyst.

Furthermore, we integrate Geographical Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing and LiDAR data in land use projects. Our wide experience allows us to develop and implement planning activities for a wide set of subjects such as, emergency management, wildfire risk, natural resources or urbanism.

The obtained results of our participation in numerous land engineering and geo-technologies projects as well as the participation in several national and European emergency management R&D projects have notably consolidated the company’s professional path.

Expertise and past/on-going activities related to the HEIMDALL project

During the last years we have been actively participating in a multitude of research projects at national and European level. Some of these projects are:

H2020 Insurance: Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission (EC) with the aim of operationalising the “Oasis Loss Modelling Framework” system that combines climate services with risk and loss information. It provides a standardised process for risk assessment that is able to calculate potential losses, define high risk areas and is capable to estimate economical losses through modelled scenarios. In H2020 Insurance we provide our expertise in forest fire risk assessment to support the estimation of economic losses.

PHAROS: 7th Framework Project funded by the EC with the aim of designing and implementing an innovative multi-hazard service platform which integrates space-based observation, satellite communications and navigation assets to provide sustainable pre-operational services for a wide variety of users in multi-application domains, such as early detection of risks and emergencies, environmental monitoring, risk and crisis management and population alerting. Potential users of the PHAROS platform are both institutional users, such as authorities and crisis managers (primary users) and non-institutional users, such as insurance companies and research groups (secondary users). In PHAROS we provided our expertise in the operational simulation of forest fire events and the forest fire risk associated to critical infrastructures.

PREVIEW: 6th Framework Project funded by the EC with the aim of developing at the European scale, new or enhanced information services for risk management in support of European Civil Protection Units and local or regional authorities, making the best use of the most advanced research and technology outcomes in Earth Observation. PREVIEW addressed the definition, the development and the validation in pre-operational conditions of information services to support the management of: Windstorms, Forest fires, Plain floods and Flash floods, Earthquake and Volcanic risks, Landslides and Industrial accidents. In PREVIEW we developed our preliminary version of our current Wildfire Analyst® product.

Main role within HEIMDALL

In HEIMDALL we provide enhanced forest fire modelling and simulation services of the well-known forest fire simulator Wildfire Analyst®. Besides, we coordinate the specification, development and integration of thesimulation and modelling prototypes of different hazards. On the one hand, these tools shall provide support to practitioners in their prevention and operational tasks and on the other hand to be used as inputs in the “Assessment and Decision Support Services” work-package where further tools and services will be developed based on some of these results to provide further analysis and proposals to the end-users for planning and operational purposes.