The HEIMDALL consortium in cooperation with other EU-funded projects developed a series of webinars to give some highlights about the main concepts worked out in the course of the project. Typical audience of these webinars are the project partners and end-users involved in disaster management activities. The Webinars are available on YouTube

HEIMDALL official video

The HEIMDALL project has prepared  the offical project video, illustrating the main characteristics of the platform being developed as well as the scenario addressed in the life of the project. The video is available here.

Additional HEIMDALL videos

In the course of the HEIMDALL projects, many videos have been prepared in order to disseminate the results of the project as well as to inform the interested audience about the main lessons learnt during the various phases of the project along with the impressions gathered from the end users. More details can be directly found on the official HEIMDALL YouTube channel.


HEIMDALL General View

HEIMDALL Methodology

Wildfires Use-Case

Landslides Use-Case

Flood Use-Case

HEIMDALL Brochures

General overview about the project

Release B illustration

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HEIMDALL overview

Ethics implications in HEIMDALL

Successful Testing of HEIMDALL platform